Press: BREADISTA™ conquers US kitchens with German bread treats

The German bread culture is successfully finding its way into US-kitchens. With their unique bread baking kits, it’s an easy bake for everyone.

After an unexpected and strong Christmas season, the plans for 2021 had to be revised. Many new things such as accompanying recipes and corporate gift boxes for business customers are on the plate. But things also have to be reorganized in the background and production has to be adjusted.

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The woman owned startup from the West Coast picked the right horse. In this crazy year of 2020, making bread at home has held a special place in people’s lives. BREADISTA celebrates this month gratefully the first anniversary since their start on Feb, 29th, right before the pandemic hit. They thank their returning customers and fans with a special Birthday-Baking-Box. Yes, classic baking mixes are not new – however, this is a unique idea to send yourself or your loved ones on a baking journey through German bread culture.

Easy to use bread making kits for authentic German bread

Everything is included and no, taking care on a sourdough starter is not necessary. High quality ingredients are perfectly pre-measured and really let everyone bake like a pro. Whether the monthly bread subscription boxes, the bread & salt gift boxes or the sets of three, all varieties are awesome gift ideas for bread lovers and home bakers.

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Press Release: New Category for Gift Boxes

BREADISTA, a woman owned startup from the West Coast, developed easy-to-use bread baking kits and brings authentic German bread culture to US kitchens.

Give some tradition to friends and family with ‘Bread & Salt Gift Boxes’ from BREADISTA. Baking bread at home is more common today than ever. You don’t need to be a Pro to get perfect bread making results. BREADISTA’s bread baking kits are suitable for both beginners as well as advanced home bakers. Whether they are for a classic loaf, typical bread rolls or even the German Pretzel. All baking kits are based on artisan and authentic recipes.

Breadista Gourmet Gift Box - Press

During the last month many of the subscription boxes were sent out as a gift. It’s a great idea to home bakers and bread lovers for all kind of occasions or just as a ‘Thank You’ present. That’s one reason BREADISTA started the new category. With our gourmet bread & salt gift boxes we now have even more gift ideas for housewarming, birthdays and anniversaries or even business partners. You can also give it a personal touch with adding a message to the bread baking boxes.

The unique BREADISTA gift and baking boxes are available within the US and ship usually within 2-3 days via USPS Priority Mail.

Giving back is one corner in the company’s philosophy. Each monthly box or gift box donates one meal to a Food Bank in America. Joining the BREADISTA community helps to improve your bread baking skills and brings a meal to someone else’s table.

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BBQ breads in a Summer Edition

The BBQ season is open and you cannot miss some classic bread pairings with your summer favorites – don’t buy it, make your own homemade bread! No matter whether it is too meat, fish or vegetables they just go with everything – our summer BBQ breads.

Since the start of BREADISTA in early 2020 the we released monthly bread baking boxes and single bread baking mixes for several traditional German breads and rolls. With over 3,000 different types of bread in Germany there is much more ready to come.

Set of BREADISTA's BBQ breads

In addition to the previous baking kits, a Summer Edition is now also available. We offer a set of three baking kits for BBQ breads. These are real classics like Italian Ciabatta, French Fougasse and of course some multigrain soft burger buns. Each baking kit comes with pre-measured high quality ingredients in a reusable food container and a pictured instructions card to guide everyone to perfect results.

If you don’t want to fire up your grill, just grab a glass of wine and enjoy these scrumptious Ciabatta and Fougasse plain as is. These BBQ breads also go well with delicious cheese boards for a fantastic starter with your family & friends.

The unique BREADISTA bread baking boxes and single baking kits are available within the US and all come with free shipping. All sets of bread baking kits and previous monthly boxes ship usually within days.

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Don’t miss a new bread baking box or gift it to a loved one, with our box subscription. Available in 3 and 6 month. Joining the BREADISTA community helps to improve your bread baking skills. For home bakers and bread lovers who like to bake traditional bread from scratch.

About German bread culture (2)

[part-II] Yes, you could say – Germans are obsessed with bread! Whether it is for breakfast with ‘Brötchen’, especially on cozy Sunday mornings, on the go as sandwich or for dinner called ‘Brotzeit’ or ‘Abendbrot’. Brotzeit is a typical and traditional dinner, when family members come together and enjoy fresh bread with cold cuts, cheese and pickles or tomatoes.

Some translations you may have seen often:

‘Bauernbrot’ –                        Farmers bread              (often a mix-bread)
‘Landbrot’ –                           Country bread               (often a mix-bread)
‘Vollkornbrot’ –                   Whole Grain bread      (must contain >90% Whole Grain)
‘Brezel’ –                                 Pretzel                             (just wheat flour, dived in a lye bath)
‘Brötchen’ / ‘Semmel’ –     rolls

There are two more important and indispendable bakery treats for Germans: ‘Brezeln and Brötchen‘, means Pretzels and rolls. Pretzels are part of the everyday life in the southern part of Germany and there is no way around it. Our rolls have nearly  as much variations as breads and have different names in each part of the country. As a generic term they were called  ‘Wecken, Semmel or Brötchen’ in the west and south or ‘Schrippen’ in the eastern and Berlin area. To make it even more confusing, a lot of rolls have own names like ‘Stangen’, ‘Bürli’, ‘Krusti’,…. 😅

bread shelf with bread and baguette
…and more bread shelfs with baguette and a typical industrial bread slicer.

Big milestones in the history of the German bread culture are bakeries that have been around for decades, even centuries. The oldest bakery in Germany is in Northern Bavarian, ‘Bäckerei Adl’. It is already in its 14th generation! Yes, unbelievable! It was founded in 1392 and opened the first official bakery later in 1573. Some bread making machines are even over 100 years old. Until today all doughs are traditional handmade. One of their specialties is a sweet yeast bread with a nut filling (‘Hefezopf’), baked according to a recipe that is over 300 years old. People come from far away to get one of these treats.

Artisan Bread vs. factory-made

Unfortunately, more and more small and traditional family bakeries have closed in recent years. In the bakery trade it is difficult to find successors. Large supermarket chains open at every corner and offer factory-made bread. It’s cheaper and saves the extra way to the bakery. Sadly not everyone cares or appreciates the craft the baker learned over decades.

This is also a reason why we try to keep a tradition alive. With bread baking kits from BREADISTA we offer a pre-measured flour-mix with everything included what’s necessary and nothing else. All recipes are favorite bread treats and belong to the bread culture either in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. High quality ingredients and time are the key factor for delicious and traditional bread.

Try it and be surprised what you can do. Bake like a pro!

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About the German bread culture

Ok, that title could end up in a book.  I promise I’ll keep it shorter. 😅

[part I] Everyone who was once in Western Europe on vacation or a business trip may have tried one of the thousands of bread treats you can get there. In France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Germany we have a typical Artisan bakery nearly on each block. There is a tempting smell when you walk past or even enter a bakery. The whole food culture in these countries is immense.

Our bread culture in one word – huge. You can get around 3,200 kinds of bread. Yes, that sounds not just a lot, indeed it is a lot. In 2014 the UNESCO added the centuries-old German bread culture to the intangible cultural heritage list. About 83 Mio residents in Germany like to have variations. From the North to South, from the East to the West and in the middle of the country, each region has its own typical bread culture. That’s what makes the whole thing so huge. We even have a ‘Museum of bread’ and a ‘German Bread Institute’. This Institute annually names one type of bread as “Bread of the Year”.

Shelfs with bread loaves and rolls in a German bakery
Our favorite traditional bakery ‘Dreher‘ in the Southwest region of Germany

The regional difference

I.e.: The further north, the darker your bread and the more rye it contains. This is due of the influence of Scandinavia.  The further south, the more whole grain and seeded breads and rolls you’ll find. The French baguette, however, made it all over the republic. The favorite bread in Germany is a ‘Roggenmischbrot’ or a ‘Weizenmischbrot’. It’s always a mix from Rye and Wheat flour.  Either Rye or Wheat has then a higher proportion (60-70%).

Many types of grain are grown in Germany, because of the good climate. Often you have mix-breads of two or three flour – mostly Wheat, Rye and Spelt. Some older grains like Emmer and Einkorn enjoy new popularity, although they’re more difficult to work with. Seeds are always a popular ingredient, mostly flax, pumpkin or sunflower seeds as well as nuts. Nowadays bakers like to try new and modern variations. One of my favorite back home is a ‘Bauernbrot’ with red beet chunks, so delicious. Bread is important, it is a staple food. In Germany we celebrate our ‘bread meals’….

Before we get here a mile long text were you have to scroll for minutes, read further in German bread culture – part II 🙂