BREADISTA goes Wholesale

You are a (specialty) ‘natural’ retailer and well-known for your quality, service & product assortment? We should talk bread! We now offer our proven quality also as unique XL Bread Mixes as a perfect addition to your handpicked products.

Whether you like to create gift packs or sell our XL bread mixes on its own, your customers will love it. All our bread mixes are based on traditional German bread culture and made with only 3 ingredients – Organic Flour, Salt, Yeast – because purity is our law. You’ll never find nonsense ingredients in our mixes – promised!

The XL bread mixes make either 4 loaves or 20 rolls out of each bag! Yes, that’s right. Not just one loaf, 4! They come in a resealable pouch bag and are ready-to-use. Even the yeast is included and all is perfectly pre-measured. It is as easy as it sounds – just adding water and follow the instructions. Born in Germany, made in Los Angeles.

To allow you easy ordering we have partnered with two wholesale platforms – Faire & Meet Mable.

When you order via the links provided below, we pay 0% commission and you can get additional benefits such as:

  • Extended payment terms to buy now & pay later (up to 60 days)
  • $100 off your first order of BREADISTA’s XL bread mixes
  • FREE returns of your opening order for risk-free shopping

Both platforms are great to work with. Enjoy special perks when you sign up.