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Bake like a pro!

Get your toaster ready. Let’s make together some traditional English Muffins. Box includes a jam & kitchen tool as well.

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During the pandemic, when no one could travel, we introduced you to some bread treats from other European countries next to our German bread culture. We had Fougasse (France, Dec’20), Focaccia (Italy, Dec’21) and now we go with a bread baking kit for ‘English Muffins’. Well, it may sounds British, but it is actually a mix of an American & British invention.

In England they have ‘Crumpets’ what looks almost equal the English Muffins. But the dough is more like a thick pancake batter. In the 1700’s were different types of Crumpets and English Muffins around. There was even a ‘Muffin Man’ going from door to door to sell such bread treats. What we know today as an ‘English Muffin’ was actually brought from an immigrated English man to the US. Mr. Samual Bath Thomas came up with this bready treat as we love it today while he worked in a bakery in NYC.

In German we would name them ‘Toastbrötchen‘ aka ‘toasted buns’. But we also stick with the original (American) name ‘English Muffin’. In the UK they call them ‘American-Style Muffin’. Have we confused you by now? 😉
! Good to know: you have to separate the halves with a fork (to get the nooks & cranies) and toast them to a crunchy golden brown. YUMMY!

As with all our bread mixes, this bread making kit for English Muffins is made with 100% organic flour and without nonsense.


Send this bread baking box out as the perfect Christmas gift. Just add your personal message during the check-out and we add it into the box. When you start a subscription plan this box will be the first. 


We already shopped for you and prepared all necessary ingredients for a great bake.

What you’ll get with this bread baking kit in the ‘English Muffin’:
  • 1 bread baking kit (20.8 oz) for ‘English Muffins’ (11-13pc), packed in a reusable cotton produce bag
  • recipe instruction card as an easy step-by-step guide
  • 1x jar of a surprise spread (sweet or savory)
  • a handy turner/flipper with wooden handle (~9″ long)


  • Every box supports a Food Bank in America
  • ! Shipping starts January 2nd, 2023 !


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You need to add:
filtered water, butter

Bread baking mix ingredients:
Organic Wheat and Whole Wheat Flour, Salt, Yeast, Organic Sugar, Organic Malted Barley Flour

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* we reserve the right to exchange the spread or tool on an equal basis *





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