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Bake artisanal bread like a pro!

2 NEW Artisan Bread Mixes
NOW availbable!

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You called – we listened. Your favorite ‘Rheintaler’ loaf and some sweet-ish soft bun bread mix ‘Einback’. Here come two new baking mixes as addition to the 3 premium bread mixes that are already available. We stand with tradition and bring more from our homecountry to your pantry.  Start enjoying bread again and feed your body with a healthy way of bread. Our mixes never contain preservatives or anything that does not belong into it. No Nonsense – Never. You can trust our proven quality. ** Your taste buds (and stomach) will love it!

Still made with organic flour and perfectly pre-measured. They’re based on traditional German recipes for authentic results. We have recreated family favorites to make bread by hand the old traditional way as easy as possible. Yeap, no machine is needed. All bags are resealable for easy storage when you choose to make only half of the bread mix.

What’s included in a 2-pack of our NEW premium bread mixes:

** Artisan Bread Mix for ‘Einback’
(full bag makes 20-22 buns)
Einback literally translated means ‘one-bake’. It is a brioche like dough but only slightly sweetened. As a child we loved to dunk the fresh Einback into our hot cocoa. The typical characteristic is that they’re baked together and you have to break them apart afterwards. You can also use them as a homemade hot dog bun. Sooooooo good! Or you can make burger buns with this bread mix as well. All instructions come with the bag. 

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Non-GMO yeast
You need to add: Milk, Egg, Butter


** Artisan Bread Mix for ‘Rheintaler’ (full bag makes 2 XL loaves or 4 regular)
This loaf is a favorite of yours and ours as well. For your convinience we’ve brought it back as a BIG-PACK bread mix. It pairs just great with every topping you like for your sandwich. Make a huge bread loaf as shown in the picture, two smaller ones or you can even make 10-11 typical German bread rolls with only half of the mix.

Ingredients: Organic Wheat and Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Flax Seeds, Sea Salt, Non-GMO yeast
You need to add: Water


Have you already tried our ‘old’ trio of bread mixes for Ciabatta, Wurzelbrot baguette or the hearty Almweck rolls? You will love it! All are a great companion for BBQ parties and a perfect base for delicious sandwiches. Or make some scrumptious bruschetta as a starter for your next event and enjoy with a glass of your favorite wine. Check out our recipe ideas for more inspirations.


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