BREADISTA – Who is behind it?

VoyageLA, a local online magazine reached out to us and wanted to know more about BREADISTA. They feature inspiring stories and highlight small businesses in the LA community. We really appreciate such support and are very excited to tell you something about the idea of starting this business and our bread baking boxes . Grab a coffee and enjoy the interviews we had in 2020 + 2021 🙂

” There is to break a lance for bread because the stigma persists – bread or carbs are bad. That’s clearly not true. You just have to choose the right ones. “

Interview March 2020:

Tanja, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
As a native German, I’m addicted to bread. Living without good and healthy bread is nearly impossible (smile). In Germany, especially in the Southwest where I’m from, are a lot of artisan bakeries with a tremendous amount of breads and rolls. Not to forget our real German Brezel (US: ‘Pretzel’).

When we moved to the US finding good comparable bread was tricky. We still miss that gorgeous smell of fresh bread when you come into a bakery. Anyone who has ever visited Germany or France may know exactly what I am talking about.

Have you ever consciously noticed the smell in the bread aisle in your supermarket? Store bought bread here in the US is far away from ‘bread’. Even when you want to buy flour, you have to check the ingredients list. That was also totally new for us – bleached, bromated, enriched flour – nothing we had……. read more!

Interview with Tanja of Breadista, 2020

Interview June 2021:

Hi Tanja, what role has risk played in your life or career?
In short – taking risks is part of life. Otherwise, you wouldn’t come forward.

The older you get, the more you see the need of taking risks. The difference is, that you then think more about the cons / pros in every decision you make. I’m mostly based on facts, that’s where my decisions and taking risks are coming from.

Whether it was……. read more!

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