BREADISTA's customizable corporate gift boxes - Bird view - salt pouch, white kitchen towel, oven thermometer, jar of jam on brown crinkle cut filling in open brown box

Customize your corporate gift idea!

! Plan ahead There’s no “too early” !

Send a Thank-You to your clients, employees and vendors with customized corporate gift boxes as an appreciation present. Give away unique bread mixes as a DIY artisan baking journey paired with handpicked tools and accompanying food items. MOQ is only 25 boxes and comes with different options to choose your level of personalization. For a faster turnaround you can select from our best-selling pre-built gift boxes to get the project to life in 2-3 weeks.

Our thoughtful selections are a great choice as a holiday gift, for anniversary events or for any other occasion coming up. We’ll put together a baking box for your needs and within your budget. Together we can create your customized corporate gift boxes to fit your idea. 

Get in touch with us about your very own employee or client gift box via our contact form and request our Corporate Gift Catalog. Do you already know your specific budget and idea? Please use direct our request form.

We’ll reach out to you as quick as possible during business days.

Do you know – what a bread & salt gift stands for?
In Germany we say: “May you never feel hunger (bread) and that the money never runs out (salt).” It is also given as a housewarming gift after a move or home purchase.

Good to know – Each of your corporoate gift box will support either ‘Feeding America’ or ‘World Central Kitchen’. This is our way to give back.

What you can choose in our customized corporate gift boxes:
  • The BREADISTA bread baking product of your choice – baking kit(s) in our reusable cotton bag, incl. instruction card(s) or our unique artisan bread mixes
  • Add-on tools like e.g. thermometers, dough scrapers or oven gloves…
  • Food items like e.g. a spread, salted caramels or flaky sea salt, olive oils, honey…
  • Kitchen items like e.g. a bamboo salt box, bamboo cutting board or bamboo spreader, a branded kitchen towel or apron…
  • Your personal note for a greeting card (you can also send us your own ahead)
  • The box filling – crinkle cut paper in different colors
  • The color of your gift box and ribbon
  • You can personalize with gift tags, sticker, your own swag/merch items
  • If the shipping box should be plain (brown/white) or custom branded
  • ….and possible more.

Talk to us and request our Corporate Gift Catalog HERE.

Thank you for considering us as your gift partner in crime,
Tanja | CEO & Founder of BREADISTA

Bird View on sack of grain, bread loaf and cereal ear - BREADISTA because your healt matters