6 month subscription

Subscription Starts from $228.00 for each 6 months with 1 installment

Six bread baking boxes.
Tool-Set Small or Large included.

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! CHECK the order & shipping time table below!

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With each monthly bread baking box you will learn how to make delicious German bread treats.  BREADISTA’s subscription boxes for 6 month are a perfect opportunity to get to know the traditional German bread culture. Six different bread baking kits made with organic flour teach you how to make bread at home with ease.

Come with us on your unique bread baking journey and improve your skills with every box. Check out some of the previous ‘monthly boxes’ to see some examples of the baked treats and join our newsletter to receive ‘new box’ alerts.

When you add this product to your cart, you place an order for six monthly boxes with a one time payment. If you want this subscription as a gift with a personal note, just let us know during the check-out.

! Next baking box is – February / ‘Seeded Carrot Bread’
This loaded loaf comes with a ton of fiber and a deep flavor to die for. Back in Germany we love carrot loaves with seeds and different types of flour to make it a wholesame experience. *** Shipping starts 03/01/2024. Whole time table below !
–> What you’ll get with your subscription:

You’ll receive six deliveries:
The first box comes with the tool-set you’ve chosen, the following boxes #2 to #6 contain only the baking kit.

Each monthly box contains a bread baking kit packed in a reuseable cotton produce bag. The baking kit could be a typical bread itself or one of the many types of rolls you can find in Germany or Switzerland and Austria. All kits come with a pictured instructions card to guide everyone to perfect results. Yes, even the baking paper is included where it is needed.

  • The tool-set SMALL includes:
    XL Dough Scraper
    1 jar of a yummy spread (sweet or savory)
  • The tool-set LARGE includes:
    XL Dough Scraper
    Oven Gloves (Terry Cloth)
    Heat Resistant Spatula
    Bamboo Cutting Board (small)
    3 delicious spreads (sweet or savory)

! Please remember ! The tool-set comes with the 1st box. Following boxes contain only the bread kits itself.



! Your subscription boxes start with the upcoming delivery of the current month. All monthly bread baking boxes will ship as follow.

Expected dates are:

Jan-box:           order from 01/01 – shipping starts 02/01/2024
Feb-box:           order from 02/01 – shipping starts 03/01/2024
Mar-box:           order from 03/01 – shipping starts 04/01/2023
Apr-box:           order from 04/01 – shipping starts 05/01/2023
May-box:           order from 05/01 – shipping starts 06/01/2023

*** With your purchase of BREADISTA’s bread baking boxes we’ll donate to a Food Bank in America. A way we can support people who can’t afford the basics – food. ***


You can manage your monthly bread baking subscription in your account at every time.

For general questions to the ingredients and handling of the baking kits or to subscriptions, check our FAQ page.



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