The best and easiest way to make homemade pizza dough

The easiest way to an artisan rustic pizza crust is with our unique bread mixes. Whether you choose the XL Wurzelbrot or the heartier XL Almweck mix we used to make the crust in the picture below, both make a perfect no knead pizza crust for your favorite toppings. You can make two half sheet crusts with half of the bag.

slice of pizza Margaritha with a very airy crust - Breadista

How to make an artisan pizza crust like a pro

Follow the instructions on the back of the bag until you bring the dough back on your well floured counter top; step-4 (Almweck-Mix) or step-3 (Wurzelbrot-Mix).

1] Now divide the dough in two pieces, make one bigger crust or even several smaller bites. Pull out the dough gently from below into your preferred shape. Try to get the middle thinner than the edges, but careful, not to thin.

To prevent the dough from sticking work with enough flour. For an even more rustic look mix some cornmeal/coarse semolina with the flour or replace it completely. Bring the pulled out dough on a parchment paper or a well floured pizza peel.

2] Now spread the tomatoe sauce thinly on it, and add your favorite toppings. We recommend not to overload the crust, otherwise the middle gets too wet and the crust wouldn’t bake crispy enough.

TIP: To bring the loaded parchment paper savely on your preheated hot baking surface, slide it onto a upside down baking sheet.

We like to use our favorite organic marinara sauce, red onions, Queso Fresco plus a bit pepper jack cheese, and some chopped frozen organic spinach.

For best rustic results like the pizza from your favorite Italian guy, bake the pizza on a hot baking stone or iron griddle.

Preheat it with the oven plus 10-15 more minutes. Start preheating after you finished all the prep-work. The pizzas need to rise again for another ~20-30min for a great ovenspring. Bake the crusts at 460°F for about 13-18 min, depending on size, toppings and your liking. If necessary, rotate the pizza for a more even bake. Check the bottom from below for delicious crispy crust. Enjoy!

baked rustic pizza Margaritha with bubbles in the crust - made with a BREADISTA bread mix
Rustic Pizza Crust with air pockets – Half Sheet Size

All our artisan bread mixes are perfect for making much more than just the original loaf it is named after. Don’t forget to show us your results! – #breadistaworld