How to make the German breakfast rolls Oaty’s

There is no way you’ll find a breakfast table in Germany without typical bread rolls in the basket, especially on the weekends. Our beloved German breakfast rolls Oaty’s are a customer favorite since we brought them into our subscription box in 2020. Whether you’re a novice baker or already advanced in bread making, our artisan bread mixes are foolproof for every level of baker. They’re a big time saver and let you bake like a pro all week long! This recipe is a no-knead and overnight bread roll version. They can be ready and ovenfresh for brunch or breakfast.

German breakfast rolls Oatys baked on parchment paper 3pc - by BREADISTA

Half of our ready-to-use Ciabatta bread mix makes you 8-10 rolls of these Oaty’s.

Make German bread rolls with a bread mix

Step 1 – Measure half of the flour-mix into a 4 qt bowl and mix in 1/2 cup (55 g) rolled oats. Whisk in, with a fork or your hand, 10.2 oz/ 290 g water at room temperature + 1 TBS olive oil until all is evenly combined and incorporated. Cover the bowl and let rest for 30 min.

Step 2 – With wet fingers stretch & fold the dough from the edges into the middle while rotating the bowl after each fold, for ca. ~2 min. The dough will get smoother and firmer. Cover again, let it rest in the fridge for 8-10 hours. Take it out 1 hour before you want to go ahead.

Demonstration of 'stretch and fold' a yeasted dough - hand with dough in bowl - by BREADISTA
Stretch (left) & Fold (right)

Step 3 – Flour your workspace and add some Quick Oats if you like. Scrape the dough out of the bowl onto the flour and carefully pull the dough from below into a rectangle (about a half sheet size).

Step 4 – With a dough scraper or big knife divide the rectangle longside in half and stretch each strand a little wider. Then fold each strand the longside back together and cut each into 4-5 pieces. (See pictures below; video comes very soon)

Prepare a tea towel and sprinkle flour over it. Place the first row of dough pieces on it, about 0.5 inch apart. Pinch the towel in front of that row together, also behind the dough to create kind of a rim. Put the rest of the dough pieces in a second row. Pinch again the towel together. Flour the rolls and cover them loosley with the rest of the towel or another one. Let them rise for ca. 40-50 min until they look and feel puffy.

Step 5 – Now preheat your oven to 460°F with your baking stone in case you’ll use one. When the temperature is right (TiP: use an oven thermometer or heat for 10 min longer), place the bread rolls on a baking paper on your baking sheet or directly onto your hot baking surface. Bake for about 14-15 min until they reach a lightly golden color. Rotate the sheet towards the end in case they brown uneven. The breakfast rolls are fully baked when tapping at the bottom sounds hollow. Let them cool on a wire rack.

TiP: for a great rise (ovenspring) spray the rolls with water 2x in the first 3 minutes.

Happy Baking my friend! And don’t forget to show us your brunch table with these delicious German breakfast rolls. Tag us with #breadistaworld on social media or send it over via email. We would love to see your results!

German breakfast rolls Oatys baked on rack with one cut open by BREADISTA

With a whole bag of this Ciabatta bread mix you can make up to 20 typical German breakfast rolls of these Oaty’s. Each bag is resealable in case you want to make only the half. Instructions on the back are for half a bread mix.