Bake bread like a pro!

We ease everyone’s way into artisanal bread making at home!

Tanja, a native German & Founder of BREADISTA

slice of airy foccacia - baked with BREADISTA Ciabatta bread mix

Artisan bread mixes for authentic German bread culture
100% Tradition. No Sugar. Organic Flour Only.

* Born in Germany. Made in Los Angeles, CA. *

Handmade in small batches, with love for real food and always with organic flour. Our proven artisan bread mixes are all based on traditional German recipes and made without nonsense ingredients. Because, Purity is our Law.


3 clean & simple ingredients: organic flour, sea salt, non-GMO yeast.


Step-by-step guide for authentic results. QR codes for details included.


FREE shipping starts at $85. Each box supports the fight against hunger.

Breadista - XL Bread Mixes - Pouch CloseUp mit Recipes
Recipe Ideas made with Bread Mixes
Tanja in her testkitchen - Founder and CEO BREADISTA
Tanja – CEO & Founder
Breadista - two hands twisting raw dough into rustic baguette
Homemade is always best

The Mission

Did you know that a long fermentation eases the digestability of bread? Our Founder Tanja is a native German who brings tradition back into your kitchen. Her goal is simple, showing that real bread is not evil.

Why BREADISTA’s unique bread mixes?

Imagine you can make a delicious loaf at home like a pro. You don’t even need a stand mixer and you get awarded with a perfect result. Making authentic bread rolls, German soft pretzels and typical artisan loaves at home was never easier.

Every single bread mix brings you on a baking journey through the century-old German bread culture. Learn how to make our traditional loaves and bread rolls. Whether you go with the baking kits from our unique bread baking subscription box, the big-pack artisan bread mixes, or with one of our gift boxes for bakers – it’s a great choice for any occasion.

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