BBQ breads in a Summer Edition

The BBQ season is open and you cannot miss some classic bread pairings with your summer favorites – don’t buy it, make your own homemade bread! No matter whether it is too meat, fish or vegetables they just go with everything – our summer BBQ breads.

Since the start of BREADISTA in early 2020 the we released monthly bread baking boxes and single bread baking mixes for several traditional German breads and rolls. With over 3,000 different types of bread in Germany there is much more ready to come.

Set of BREADISTA's BBQ breads

In addition to the previous baking kits, a Summer Edition is now also available. We offer a set of three baking kits for BBQ breads. These are real classics like Italian Ciabatta, French Fougasse and of course some multigrain soft burger buns. Each baking kit comes with pre-measured high quality ingredients in a reusable food container and a pictured instructions card to guide everyone to perfect results.

If you don’t want to fire up your grill, just grab a glass of wine and enjoy these scrumptious Ciabatta and Fougasse plain as is. These BBQ breads also go well with delicious cheese boards for a fantastic starter with your family & friends.

The unique BREADISTA bread baking boxes and single baking kits are available within the US and all come with free shipping. All sets of bread baking kits and previous monthly boxes ship usually within days.

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Don’t miss a new bread baking box or gift it to a loved one, with our box subscription. Available in 3 and 6 month. Joining the BREADISTA community helps to improve your bread baking skills. For home bakers and bread lovers who like to bake traditional bread from scratch.

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