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Does enriched flour harm you?

What means ‘enriched’ flour, is it bad? – You’ve read it several times, more or less consciously. If you take a closer look at food labels of baked goods like bread, cakes, cookies, crackers and cereals, you’ll find this term very often. Unfortunately. Flour has naturally vitamins, fibers and minerals. But the more processed it […]

Press: BREADISTA™ conquers US kitchens with German bread treats

The German bread culture is successfully finding its way into US-kitchens. With their unique bread baking kits, it’s an easy bake for everyone. After an unexpected and strong Christmas season, the plans for 2021 had to be revised. Many new things such as accompanying recipes and corporate gift boxes for business customers are on the […]

Press Release: New Category for Gift Boxes

BREADISTA, a woman owned startup from the West Coast, developed easy-to-use bread baking kits and brings authentic German bread culture to US kitchens. Give some tradition to friends and family with ‘Bread & Salt Gift Boxes’ from BREADISTA. Baking bread at home is more common today than ever. You don’t need to be a Pro […]

About German bread culture (2)

[part-II] Yes, you could say – Germans are obsessed with bread! Our bread culture is kind of a sanctuary. Whether it is for breakfast with ‘Brötchen’, especially on cozy Sunday mornings, on the go as sandwich or for dinner called ‘Brotzeit’ or ‘Abendbrot’. Brotzeit is a typical and traditional cold dinner, when family members come […]