Press Release: New Category for Gift Boxes

BREADISTA, a woman owned startup from the West Coast, developed easy-to-use bread baking kits and brings authentic German bread culture to US kitchens.

Give some tradition to friends and family with ‘Bread & Salt Gift Boxes’ from BREADISTA. Baking bread at home is more common today than ever. You don’t need to be a Pro to get perfect bread making results. BREADISTA’s bread baking kits are suitable for both beginners as well as advanced home bakers. Whether they are for a classic loaf, typical bread rolls or even the German Pretzel. All baking kits are based on artisan and authentic recipes.

Breadista Gourmet Gift Box - Press

During the last month many of the subscription boxes were sent out as a gift. It’s a great idea to home bakers and bread lovers for all kind of occasions or just as a ‘Thank You’ present. That’s one reason BREADISTA started the new category. With our gourmet bread & salt gift boxes we now have even more gift ideas for housewarming, birthdays and anniversaries or even business partners. You can also give it a personal touch with adding a message to the bread baking boxes.

The unique BREADISTA gift and baking boxes are available within the US and ship usually within 2-3 days via USPS Priority Mail.

Giving back is one corner in the company’s philosophy. Each monthly box or gift box donates one meal to a Food Bank in America. Joining the BREADISTA community helps to improve your bread baking skills and brings a meal to someone else’s table.

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