Pre-Launch: bread baking boxes

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to bake traditional bread from scratch, too? Join the BREADISTA community and improve your bread baking skills. Each of the bread baking boxes include a baking-mix with pre-measured high quality ingredients and a step-by-step recipe-card guides everyone in making perfect German bread.

Craving good bread led to the idea to develop this unique baking subscription box. Have you ever checked the ingredients list of store bought bread? Have you ever wondered why there is ‘enriched flour’, flavor, color or something else unspeakable?

On one hand you have baking mixes, but mostly they are for muffins, cookies and pancakes. The other hand offers mixes for gluten free products. The idea was born to bring traditional German bread into US kitchens. The bread culture in Germany is huge. Did you ever imagine that there are more than 3,000 kinds of breads available?

With this new bread baking subscription box, BREADISTA will deliver pre-measured and well-chosen ingredients ready to bake. Each monthly box includes the baking-kit and the recipe card with additional add-ons. That will always be a delicious pairing to the monthly bread or bread rolls, such as jams, jellies or other great spreads. Will there be a baking-mix for some typical German ‘Brezel’ (Pretzel)? Check it out….

Bread Baking Box - Breadista's first box is called Founder-Box

The Founder-box kicks off the regular monthly subscription box and is a special one. This will only be available once. The pre-launch runs during March 2020 and is limited to 99 bread baking boxes. Helpful kitchen tools and a special gift are included in the Founder-Box to get the loaf rollin’.

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